How To Pest Proof Your Home

It is very easy to make your home pest-proof. For crevices or cracks, just fill them up with either some plaster for walls or copper mesh. A bundle of copper mesh can be purchased off for less than $10, so don’t skimp on that! Besides that, pests tend to favour vents. Whether it’s your dryer vents or roof vents, make sure any potential entry point of pests into your home is sealed properly. Moisture is also another issue when it comes to pests. Pests (especially roaches) love moist and dark areas. Keeping your kitchen and bathroom constantly dry can be a good, first step at preventing these pests from coming and frequenting these areas.

pest control expertYou should also make sure your trash bins are emptied frequently for the same reason. Pests are constantly in search of food. Ants and termites are perfect examples of scavengers. These insects can ‘detect’ food sources from as far as a mile away, and the worst part is that they actually wouldn’t ‘mind’ crawling the entire way to and fro a food source. It is more than likely that once an ant discovers a potential food source, entire lines of ants will start forming in that area, which would lead all the way back to their nest. The ant nest could be outside your house, not necessarily indoors. Yet, because of the size of ants, they can come in from the smallest gaps or holes that will lead into your house.